i get to school by; Walking

school starts at; 8:00

how many classes; 8 periods

what are the classes; language arts,math,physical education,web design,team,history,science

breaks; i have 2, lunch and recess

what i do during breaks; hangout with friends

what i do after school; homework,eat,watch T.V,hangout with friends

My Favorite Thing

Today I am talking about my favorite thing which is… NETFLIX. I love it so much and right now i just started a series called “Heart Land”. So far, I am barely on season 1 episode 7. It is a great show. I also like watching watching “Pretty Little Liars”. I am almost done, I would have already been done, but i have been watching many other shows. Another show i like watching is “Twisted”. There is only 1 season and I only have 3 episodes left. I am going to wait for the new episodes to be on Netflix. I spend a lot of time on Netflix, I get in trouble for it, but i love it so much that i just cant stop watching. Some of the main reasons I love Netflix are , there are no commercials, they have many great show, and you can pause it whenever you need to.