I love Netflix so much. You can watch whatever you want to on Netflix. My favorite shows to watch on Netflix are Pretty Little Liars , The Fosters, The Walking Dead, and American Horror Story. You can also watch movies on Netflix. The movie i like watching on Netflix is Safe Haven. I watch Netflix a lot, there is never too much of Netflix. It never gets old because there are a lot of shows and movies to watch.

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  1. Hey Dahlia, i’m Vanessa. I love Netflix too but they don’t always have the movies i’m looking for. Also, they don’t update the tv shows every often. The other site I like is Hulu, it doesn’t have movies but it has all tv shows and they are up to date too. I hope that you consider looking at my blog @

  2. Hi Dahlia! I’m Gwen I also watch Netflix I like watching Adventure Time and Marvel movies. Come visit my blog at http.//

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