Global Issues

A global issue that I see around often is animal testing and animal abuse. People abandon animals or hurt them in other ways. Some people hurt they’re animals physically for example by throwing heavy things at them, putting really heavy chains on them, or having them in really small places. Animals can’t defend them selves so we should take matter into our own hands. If we can’t take care of our pets then we should let other people take them, people that have time,money,and space.So many animals die of hunger and of thirst. We can help by caring for our pets and by going to websites and finding out what you can do to stop animal testing and animal abuse.


i get to school by; Walking

school starts at; 8:00

how many classes; 8 periods

what are the classes; language arts,math,physical education,web design,team,history,science

breaks; i have 2, lunch and recess

what i do during breaks; hangout with friends

what i do after school; homework,eat,watch T.V,hangout with friends

My Favorite Thing

Today I am talking about my favorite thing which is… NETFLIX. I love it so much and right now i just started a series called “Heart Land”. So far, I am barely on season 1 episode 7. It is a great show. I also like watching watching “Pretty Little Liars”. I am almost done, I would have already been done, but i have been watching many other shows. Another show i like watching is “Twisted”. There is only 1 season and I only have 3 episodes left. I am going to wait for the new episodes to be on Netflix. I spend a lot of time on Netflix, I get in trouble for it, but i love it so much that i just cant stop watching. Some of the main reasons I love Netflix are , there are no commercials, they have many great show, and you can pause it whenever you need to.

The Origin of “Dia De Los Muertos”

Dia De Los Muertos stands for Day of the Dead.      This holiday started in mexico. the way they celebrate this is by making sugar skulls in memory of they’re dead family members and friends. They make altars with the dead family members and friends favorite food and candle scents. People get skull  face paintings. In some country’s they even make parades to celebrate.

things to do in Washington D.C

I have never  been to Washington D.C, but some places i have heard of and would like to visit are

-The White House, it is a very important building to the u.s.a with many interesting things.

-The Lincoln Memorial, also sounds very interesting, because he was an early president that is very important person to us in the U.S.A .

-The National Air and Space museum is another interesting place to visit. You can learn about airlines, airplanes, and space.

-National World War II  also looks very interesting and is very important because without it we wouldn’t be here.


I love Netflix so much. You can watch whatever you want to on Netflix. My favorite shows to watch on Netflix are Pretty Little Liars , The Fosters, The Walking Dead, and American Horror Story. You can also watch movies on Netflix. The movie i like watching on Netflix is Safe Haven. I watch Netflix a lot, there is never too much of Netflix. It never gets old because there are a lot of shows and movies to watch.

fiction mashup

Cinderella is a princess that lives under the sea in a big palace with many rooms that she has to clean. Cinderella really wants to go to the surface of the sea with her cousins, but her mean grandmother made her clean the messiest room in the house. Cinderella thought,”how am i supposed to finish all this in one day.” Cinderella had an aunt who was very kind. So Cinderella called her aunt and told her that she wanted to go to the surface of the ocean with her cousins but she had to clean. Her aunt said that’s not too bad i will help you. When her aunt got there she saw the room she had a plan. She called all the sea horses to help. when they got there they thought well we cant get this done in time so they called all of the clown fish. when they got there they said together we can get this done. They started cleaning everything, meanwhile Cinderella had nothing to wear. Her aunt said don’t worry i have a dress that i wore my first time to the surface of the ocean. it was an old dress with many stains. The dolphins took the dress and fixed it up. it was a very beautiful dress, but it was too big, so the dolphins fixed that too. It was almost morning and time for her to go, but she hadn’t slept so she hurried to bed. the next day she got up very early and went to buy a pair of shoes, she couldn’t find the perfect ones she tried on all of them and it was almost time for her to leave. The man finally pulled out a very special pair of shoes, they were glass slippers. They were quite expensive so she just borrowed them, she had to return them by 4:00, she said it was fine with her. She left soon, it was beautiful up there. there were many different creatures that she hadn’t seen before. It was 4:00 and Cinderella had to hurry back to return the shoes. She dropped one of the shoes, but there was no time to go back and get it . When she got their the man was very angry and charged her for the shoes. Cinderella did not have enough money to pay for them. Her aunt and her went to find the shoe, they finally found it floating on the surface of the sea. they returned the shoes, Grandmother never found out, and they lived very happily.

About Me

My name is Dahlia. I live in California. I am in middle school and in 7th grade. If you met me in person you would know that i am loud and sometimes i might have a bad attitude but you shouldn’t  take it the wrong way. My hobby is swimming. I have a lot of favorites. My favorite candy’s are chocolate bars. My favorite people are my friends and family. My favorite animal is a turttle and a bunny. My favorite color is blue but i also like purple. my favorite things to do after school is hanging with friends, watching TV, and going on my phone. My favorite things to do with my family are camping and going to the lake.